Equine Expert Videos

The Hidez team is driven, determined and passionate about research and development to seek out the latest technologies to ensure that the original Hidez animal compression suit provides a benefit for all animals. Don’t just take our word for it. .

Stuart Tinney - Showjumper

Stuart Tinney is an Olympic equestrian rider, who competes for Australia. He won a team gold medal at the 2000 Summer Olympics and also competed at the 2004 Summer Olympics. Stuart talks Hidez animal compression suits.

Emily-May Streckfuss - Veterinarian -Endurance Rider


Emily-May Streckfuss Veterinarian and Endurance Competitor talks on Hidez Animal compression suits. Emily-May a full time veterinarian has  assisted in the design and testing of our Hidez compession suit  from day one.

Kelvin Johnson - Polo 

Kelvin Johnston , International polo playing professional talks Hidez animal compression suits .Kelvin started playing polo in Queensland and has played in UK.Argentina.Thailand , New Zealand and India as well as representing Australiia on numerous occassions. He plays regularly in both the UK and Australia

Jon McNair - Trainer 

John McNair ,Racehorse Trainer,talks Hidez animal compression suit."You see a lot of cyclist, footballers and other sports people use them.They are designed to aid recovery and help with muscle fatigue." We have been using the suit on Hay List and it  has made a hugh difference"

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